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Posts by Robert Murphy

Ep. 304 An Interdisciplinary Commentary on the Gospel Accounts of Jesus Christ: Installment 1, Introduction

Bob launches a new miniseries, and starts by summarizing his chapter for a Festschrift in honor of Walter Block. Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest: [As of release, no information was available on the actual collection in honor of Walter. RPM will update when available.] Callahan and Murphy’s critique of Hans Hoppe’s argumentation ethics.…

Ep. 302 Satan Has Perverted the Classical Liberal Project

Bob goes solo to argue that our current institutional framework in the US isn’t arbitrary; it was hijacked by the evil one. He illustrates with the recent examples of the Satanic Temple in Iowa and the three university presidents who seemed to excuse calls for genocide. Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest:…

Ep. 301 Max Borders on UNDERthrowing Tyrannical Regimes

Max Borders is Executive Director of Social Evolution. He has a freewheeling discussion with Bob on UNDERthrowing–rather than overthrowing–unjust regimes. Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest: The YouTube version of this interview. Max Borders’ organization, Social Evolution. Max’s Medium archive. Jordan Peterson’s closing speech at ARC. Help support the Bob Murphy Show.