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Ep. 2 A Conversation With Carlos Lara

In this episode, Bob talks to his old friend (and co-author) Carlos Lara.

They discuss Carlos’ move from Mexico to Texas as a young boy, Carlos’ surprising relationship to the JFK assassination, suing the Marines, and how Carlos learned Austrian economics–the hard way.






Mentioned in the Episode:

The sound engineer for this episode was Chris Williams. Learn more about his work at

About the author, Robert

Christian and economist, Research Assistant Professor with the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech, Senior Fellow with the Mises Institute, and co-host with Tom Woods of the podcast "Contra Krugman."


  1. Khodge on 11/12/2018 at 4:38 PM

    Will Carlos be a frequent guest here?

  2. Gene Greigh on 11/13/2018 at 12:12 PM

    Weekend binging and digging on MurfDaug!
    Keep Up the Good Word!

  3. steve on 11/13/2018 at 6:59 PM

    You guys really give me hope for the future. Any chance Carlos does a series on City of God? He really peaked my interest on those two eps of Lara-Murphy report.

    • Robert Murphy on 11/13/2018 at 11:15 PM

      Thanks! Do you mean a series at our podcast?

      • steve on 11/15/2018 at 11:39 AM

        Wherever haha. I bought a copy of City of God but ended up with an abridged version and the language difference over time makes it a task to go through plus I’m more of an auditory learner. Carlos seems to really grasp the big picture and it doesn’t get any bigger than the spiritual dimension. Thanks for all your work.

        • Robert Murphy on 11/15/2018 at 5:31 PM

          Thanks Steve, I’ll pass this along to Carlos. He will appreciate your remarks.

  4. SCOTT A COLEMAN on 11/14/2018 at 3:28 AM


  5. Stuart Morrow on 11/16/2018 at 9:37 PM

    Ah, the ol’ Radiation King…

  6. chris on 12/02/2018 at 5:12 PM

    Excellent episode with excellent stories and analyses from Carlos; thanks to both of you!

  7. Kevin on 12/07/2018 at 1:36 PM

    Bob I’ve really enjoyed your work and I’ll keep up with the podcast, but the “round table” conspiratorial stuff and the whole “politicians aren’t dumb or incompetent but are influenced by Satan” stuff was a bit… off-putting.

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