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Ep. 53 Robby Soave Broke the Real Story on the Covington Students, But He Also Defended Ilhan Omar

Robby Soave, a writer at Reason, was the first journalist to shatter the original narrative about the Covington Catholic students caught in the infamous faceoff with Native American Nathan Phillips. But Soave has also tried to correct the unfair coverage of Ilhan Omar.
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  1. Greg on 08/24/2019 at 2:35 AM

    Really Bob? Seems like you two are bending over backwards to gives these despicable journalists the benefit of the doubt. The supposed journalist spent no time trying to find the truth before trying to destroy these kids. And why blow it up into a national story? I think the doubling down after the truth comes out shows they knew all along. Evil exists in this world, and more times than not it is leftwing.

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